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Orihimé Koshihikari Genmai

PREMIUM JAPONICA BROWN RICE - Easy Cooking Great Tasting Healthy Dinner Whole Grains 

The japonica is a short grain rice which is sticker compared to other rice of the world. There are close to 50 variations under the japonica which are cultivated in Japan, and in the koshihikari, sasanishiki, and akitakomachi are generally considered the best. Recently much attention has been given to a new variation of the koshihikari called the “Milky Queen”.   
Orihimé Genmai is a new new and rare type of Brown Rice, it was born from KOSHIHIKARI and sweet rice.  
Finally, rice lovers will be able to experience one of the best rice grains. It is special due to its quality between glutinous rice and non-glutinous rice. Also, it doesn’t get hard when it’s cold, so you can still enjoy its glutinous texture. You will find this rice remarkably tasty compared with the dry, poor texture of typical brown rice. This brown rice can be cooked as if you were cooking white rice in a regular steamed rice cooker. Our brown rice are so versatile with many Japanese rice recipes you can choose from! Being high in fiber and healthy carbs, our brown unpolished rice is just great for healthy dinner recipes in Singapore, like the well-loved brown rice porridge. You've never tried anything like this before! 
This rice has a lower amylase content, so the rice becomes stickier, more chewy and delicious. It gets its name from being translucent, thus Milky Queen. This name is also synonymous with the beautiful skin tone of Japanese women or "mochi-hada" or "skin like mochi." Unlike other rice, the grains of the Milky Queen are translucent before they are cooked and are beautiful just to look at. 
What makes this rice so special is that you can still enjoy its softness and fluffiness even after it has cooled down. The fluffy, sticky texture and irresistible aroma combine to make this a uniquely outstanding new variety of rice!  
Easy Cooking Orihimé Genmai (Brown Rice) – Great for healthy dinner brown rice recipes.  
Harvest - New Crop, Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture 
Weight - Available in 1kg or 2kg vacuum packed 
Healthier Choice (Higher in Whole Grains) certified by
Health Promotion Board Singapore.  
Direct Imported from Japan



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